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Hello back! …again

Photo by Yash Prajapati on Unsplash

So today’s a quick update: I’m alive, and so is my blog – after a few days of downtime. It’s all taken care of, but recovering for such a long period will take time. I was weighed down by some non-RPG issues and had to think through really hard about committing back to doing my blog. It was a tough decision as I knew it’d be either a serious thing or nothing at all. I decided, finally, that picking up my writing is a good point. And I’m going to do just that.

I wanted to whole-heartedly thank quite a number of you out there who reached me through various means. It means a lot for a small-time blogger like me to receive such an amount of prompts to put out content. It was really cheering up and tipped the scales for giving the blog another shot.

I certainly want to wrap up the series on Forbidden Lands sandbox and AiME No-man Lands campaigns. Then, I’ll proceed with a fresh approach to publishing since the time I spent without blogging was nevertheless a time well spent on learning and searching my way. But that’s a story for another time.

For technicalities, the website is back up, and so is my e-mail. The mailing system, though – one through which you can subscribe for some additional insights and some extra Forbidden Lands content – that system will take me some time to get back and running. Meanwhile, you can try to subscribe anyway. I’ll get the notification from the system and send you everything manually. And once I revive it, keeping you in the loop will be easier.

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading, and welcome back to my site!

3 thoughts on “Hello back! …again”

  1. Great to hear! I really liked your posts and your tips for Forbidden Lands.
    I refreshed the page regularly to see if you posted something new but never found the energy to reach out directly.
    Looking forward to more stories! 🙂

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