Adventures in Middle-earth 5e

A Tale Never Heard of in Middle-earth

The Brown Lands were barren and empty, a realm that no lord nor lady thought of claiming as his or her own. No living soul dwelt among its formless moors, windswept hills and ominous gullies. Or so it was in the time of great events that were passed to us in The Red Book of West March. But these unwelcoming, unclaimed lands were once home to the hardy folk who enjoyed staying outside the affairs of the broader world. It is the story of their vanishing – yet another among Middle-earth’s tales of decline and passing.

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runing tabletop RPG as a GM can seem like a long and hard hike to a remote summit
GM's tales

Before I Run Tabletop RPG As a GM, I Had To Move Past These 5 Things

The Remote Summit of GMing an RPG I always wanted to run tabletop RPG as a GM rather than participate as a regular player. Telling engaging stories, inciting the imagination of others and sharing creative inspiration gave me great satisfaction and drive since I can remember. Yet, up to a day not so long ago, I never actually run a single session as a GM – even though I knew it for years. The more I thought about GMing, the more I felt like it was something I wanted to do. So, why it took me so long to finally run an RPG as a GM for the first time?

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